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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally…a break in the weather

Rain,  rain go away...and it finally did on Sunday.  Larry and I put on our cold gear layers because the temperature gauge on the back deck was reading 30 degrees.  Our grandson woke up just in time to see us backing the trike out of the garage.  He wasn’t sure about the loud noise the pipes made or that grandma and grandpa didn’t look quite right dressed from head to toe in black leather and wearing helmets that made us almost unrecognizable to him.  We waved good bye and his mom held him as we rode off with the music pumping.  We rounded the first corner after we left the house and slowed quickly as there were seven deer grazing on a neighbor’s lawn.  They stopped to look at us as we
rode by but didn’t spook and continued their morning feeding.  We met up with our friends at the Sehome Starbucks Sunday morning about 9:30 AM and we waited to see who would show
up.  Seven bikes and twelve riders, it was going to be a good day.

We rode down Chuckanut Drive, for the first of many rides we will take down this road in the coming months.  I can’t say enough about heated gear because when we hit the Skagit flats the wind was blowing and I was turning up the heat.  Dave and Dawn were riding in front of us and she pointed out the eagles as we rode through the farm lands.  We stopped for a quick break just after we crossed over highway 20 then proceeded onto the Roadhouse for lunch.  I’ve missed the camaraderie and fellowship of eating lunch with friends while out riding the bikes but even on the coldest, darkest, rainiest days of winter, we met up every couple of weeks to have dinner, share stories, laugh, and just enjoy time with friends.

After lunch we rode down to Sound Harley-Davidson, checked out the bikes outside and inside, wandered the aisles for a little shopping, and then it was time to meander towards home. We headed up highway 9 and two bikes split off at Sedro-Woolley heading to the freeway while the rest of the group continued on the back roads.  One more bike split off at Lake Whatcom and then there were four.  Just before we pulled into the Acme store for a break we saw guinea hens by the side of the
road.  An unusual sight and I couldn’t get my camera out quickly enough to take a photo.
One more bike left the group headed home in a different direction and then there were two headed to Ferndale.  It was a great day with friends and we can’t wait to do it again.

Our friends laugh when they ride behind us because my head is bopping and my foot is tapping to the music. I like to have a variety of songs on the cd’s and can usually burn about
150 songs on each one.  So what do we listen to?  Todd Rundgren, The Blues Brothers, Roy Orbison, Michael Buble, Manfred Mann, ZZ Top, Train, 38 Special, Colbie Callat, Toby Keith, Gloria Gaynor, Village People, Josh Groban,  Jerry Lee Lewis, Queen, Duffy, Nickleback--so the only word that can really describe our music selections is eclectic.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

JT and Carol...their new trike

JT and Carol Thompson are the proud owners of a newly created trike that JT built from a VW frame.  May you share many happy miles on the road and share you stories with family and
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