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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Lunch Ride to the Roadhouse Bar & Grill in Marysville

Any time you can ride is a good day, and when you are riding with friends it is a great day. Because of the unseasonably good weather (thank God) we have been experiencing in northwest Washington, we are able to get out and ride when normally we would be sitting by a warm fire and drinking coffee on a Saturday morning in February.

My heated gear has not arrived yet (hopefully this week) so I layered on the under-armor, a shirt, a sweatshirt, my windbreaker, and then my heavy-duty leather Harley jacket. I knew it would warm up to the low 50’s later in the day so I figured I could take a little cold in the morning.

We headed out and gassed up the trike before arriving at Mt. Baker Harley-Davidson. We ride primary with the Mt. Baker Chapter Harley Owners Group (HOG) whose members we call friends and family. Saturday 2-20-10 was the first official chapter lunch ride of the year. Dave M was the lead road captain and, as her first official duties as a new road captain, Chris was the sweep. Lorie, Ed, Gary, Mike G., Peter, Larry, and I rounded out the group.

We rode down scenic Chuckanut Drive and across Skagit County to Conway where we made our first pit stop to get off the bikes, stretch, get a snack, or a cup of hot coffee. We were all amazed by the flocks of ducks we saw just as we came off Chuckanut Drive. There must have been hundreds in each flock that couldn’t quite settle down on the thin layer of water covering the farm fields. Just before we arrived in Conway it was flocks of snow geese flying/dancing in the air as the sun glinted off their wings looking like silver tinsel. Other fields were blanketed with swans basking in the morning sun. Everywhere along the road people were stopping to take photographs.

We hit the road again towards Stanwood, Warm Beach, Lake Martha, and the Roadhouse Bar & Grill. The food was good and the portions large. Breakfast was still being served so about half of us opted for breakfast and the rest had lunch. Good friendly service--the waitress raved about our trike, and probably increased her tip from Larry, while not so much from the owners of the other bikes. Food and drink and we were back on the road headed to Sound Harley.

So we were all checking out the bikes and the clothes, when Marla and Bill appeared. They had a late start in the morning and couldn’t make the chapter ride so they rode down highway 9 on their way to Darrington. After a short visit we were back on the bikes saying good-bye to Bill and Marla and we were headed back they way they had just come, highway 9.

Around Lake McMurray, Big Lake, and down Gunderson Road, Beaver Lake, Clear Lake, Sedro-Woolley, Wickersham, and a stop at the store in Acme. Peter left us at Park Road just before Acme. From here on we would slowly peel off the group and head for home.

Ed who lives in Point Roberts rode an hour and 15 minutes, crossed 2 borders, just to arrive at the shop for the lunch ride and now must reverse this trip to get home. Thanks Ed for joining us and hope to see you soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roland - 2008 trike conversion by Champion

This bike belongs to Roland from VA. 2008 conversion by Champion.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

H-D Shriners Special Limited Edition Tri Glide

H-D is currently taking special orders for a limited production 2010 FLHTCUTC Tri-Glide Ultra Classic: The Shrine Tri Glide” for Shriners or Jesters. It is available in arctic white with red and gold pinstripes or Concord purple with violet and burgundy pinstripes. This is only available to order now until 3-5-10 through your local Harley dealer unless production sells out quicker, and due to ship in May or June.

Harley Trike Productions Moving to York, PA

Harley-Davidson Inc. said Friday it's moving the assembly of its three-wheeler motorcycles to the Harley plant in York, Pa., from the current location in South Dakota.

Click on this link to read more:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dam Tour

If you love to ride and and explore, check out this website for Dam rides:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Riding With Friends

There was no rain forecast for Saturday February 6th, according to one online weather site. But other “reliable” sites forecast rain for Saturday and sunshine on Sunday. Flip a coin!

A friend sent out an impromptu invitation to ride the bikes and go look for eagles. I had been cooped up in the house with too many issues to deal with and even though my heated gear is still on back order with no due date to arrive, and the weather was only going to be in the high 40’s or low 50’s, I wanted to ride. Friday night I laid out every piece of warm clothing I could find and would have to hope for 50’s in the afternoon. At least we didn’t have to be on the road until 9:00 AM.

We met our friends at the Alger Tavern for coffee and when our group was assembled we said goodbye to Gary who rode down to have his second cup of coffee with us and even though he couldn’t ride with us today, he wished us well.

Dave L. and Jan, Kaye and Rob, Dave M. Harmon, and Larry and I set off on a scouting expedition to Sedro Woolley, up the N. Skagit Highway, Rockport, Darrington for lunch, Arlington, Big Lake, Clear Lake, Sedro Woolley and home.

This was Harmon’s first trip out on his new trike on a group ride and his longest ride. He has a red trike just like ours, well not exactly like ours--Larry has added a lot more bling to ours, but yes, they are both Tri Glides.

Dave L. saw his first eagle just as we turned onto N. Skagit highway. The road was in pretty good shape and because it is still February, even with the sun shining, there were not many bikes out to crowd the roadway. Dave M. stopped several times for photos opportunities but he has better eyesight than some of us because, even when we stopped the bikes right underneath the trees, the rest of us had a hard time seeing the eagle perched high in the tree tops.

Looking out at the farmland on either side of the river you could clearly see the skeletons of the deciduous trees with their branches wrapped in bright green moss, some of it hanging a foot or more off the limbs. An occasional evergreen or a grouping of ferns kept the landscape from looking like a typical winter landscape.
There was an occasional donkey, sheep, llama, or cow in the pastures next to the road but it was the Belgian horses in their thick winter coats looking huge and stately that made me take a second look over my shoulder as we went past. They didn’t bolt and run like a lot of horses do when a Harley passes by with loud pipes. No these majestic animals just stood and stared at the iron horses going by.

We took a pit stop before Rockport where we turned our bikes toward Darrington for lunch. Kaye and Dave M. bunched up a second table to the booth so the whole group could sit together and talk during lunch. Everyone who had the fries agreed they might be the best fries ever because they were crunching on the outside and soft on the inside. I was ready for something warm to drink, hot chocolate with whip cream with refills. Full stomachs and we were back on the road.

We drove to Arlington, Lake McMurray in Conway, and around Big Lake where we took our last pit stop. We passed through Clear Lake and into Sedro Woolley were Harmon broke off and continued up highway 9 headed home and the rest of the group went west on Prairie Road to the freeway and home. One by one we peeled off until it was just Larry and me on the last few miles of freeway to Ferndale.

It was a great day with friends even if it started out a little cold; I wouldn’t have wanted to stay home. These are the friends and memories you want to treasure and share.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Jake's Western Grill, Lynden, WA

We took a putt around the county the other day and stopped for a late lunch at Jake’s. What an amazing place—a very unique (for Whatcom County) place serving various items representing Southern Cooking. Their pulled pork is even better than mine and their ribs are equally fine. They have a smoked Southern style andouille sausage that reminded me of Tex-Mex and Louisiana cooking. And, yes, they have a menu listing—Three Little Piggies, one of the Smokin BBQ Combos--that has all three of these items on one plate.

Billie had the Fried Green Tomato Burger—just try and find that on any other menu in the area—that was great, too.

So we heartily recommend Jake’s as an eatery that will fill you up with very tasty southern/western…or wherever…ribs, brisket, burgers, pulled pork, tater skins, chicken fritters, etc.
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