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Monday, February 9, 2009

How To Earn A Road Warrior Patch/Rocker

Road Warrior Patches/Rockers –

The road warrior program was initiated to encourage chapter members to participate in all chapter events and dealer activities.

To earn a Road Warrior Patch, you need to earn at least:

At least 6 points from attendance at monthly chapter meeting—one point per meeting.

At least 2 points for participating in chapter functions. Some reoccurring chapter functions include: annual summer picnic, Iron Butt Charity Ride, Toy Run to Blaine, road cleanup work party, Christmas party, LOH baby shower, etc.

At least 3 points for wild card activities. Some examples include volunteering for a chapter event, writing an article for the news letter, helping with garage sale, helping with LOH fundraisers cooking hotdogs, or staffing the HOG chapter membership table at various events. Also, volunteering at shop events such as modeling in the shop fashion show, helping with the bunny run registration, helping with the bike show registration table, and participating in shop sponsored events/rides that are open to all members (For example: Fred Pazaski ride, St. Joe’s cancer run, Bunny Run, Oyster Run information center).

At least 10 points for participating in chapter rides, including 1-2-3 rides, lunch rides, dinner rides, etc. These points are for chapter sponsored rides. On multiple day rides, a point is awarded for each day.

You can accumulate numerous points in any category, but you must achieve the minimum required in each of the four categories above.

Members need a total of 30 points to obtain the Road Warrior Patch.

Road Captains will receive an extra ½ point/day when they lead or sweep a day ride or multiple day rides (this does not include dinner rides or short Saturday lunch rides).

Officers need a total of 35 points with the same criteria as above but with at least 6 points for attending officer's meetings.

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