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Monday, August 17, 2009

Top Secret Harley...

Back in the days when the Motor Company and its dealer network often communicated via telegraph, motorcycles and parts were given code names. The practice was stopped in
1954. Here are the code names for some significant models:

Miracle: Model 9-E, an early V-Twin, 1913
Jim: Model 20-W, Sport Model, 1920
Parody: Model 22-JD, the first 74 cu. in. engine, 1922
Escort: Firestone, non-skid tire, 1924
Azdee: Model 30-VL, a 74 cu. in. side-valve, 1930
Ejea( Model 34-GE, a fully-equipped Servi-Car, 1934
EhslIo: Model 36-EL, the first Knucklehead, 1936
Eyweu: Model 48-FL, the first Pan head, 1948
Fadge: Model 49-FL, the first 74" Hydra-Glide, 1949
Frxem: Model 52-K, 45 cu. in. Sport Model, 1952

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