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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Sun Brought Out the Song on this Adventure

Zippity doo dah, Zippity aye,

My oh my what a wonderful day

Plenty of sunshine coming my way,

Zippity doo dah, Zippity aye.

Zippity doo hah was the song in my head as we rode out of town on the way to meet friends for a Saturday Harley ride. The sun was shining, my heated gear was on, and I could almost remember the warmth while walking at Daytona Beach, strolling on the Promenade at San Diego, or playing bocce ball in my sister’s backyard in CA. It was going be another great day in paradise.

We met up at the Shell station at Alger and this time we were the first to arrive. Larry tried to tell me the night before we needed to leave at 8:45 AM and when I questioned the early hour he gave me another 30 minutes before departure. As it was Dave L. and Jan arrived last and later in the day he said if we all really wanted to start leaving at 10:00 AM, we could do that. Nah! That would just mean leaving earlier than we already do to arrive a half hour before departure. Better to be early than pull in as the group is leaving or holding them up while we fill up.

We headed out on Colony Road to Chuckanut Drive, then through Edison and Bay View State Park, highway 20 to Anacortes, Marine Drive to Mt. Erie. We passed pastures full of sheep still wearing their winter coats and horses covered in blankets and I could empathize with them not wanting to be cold. We had a little valley fog when we started but by the time we arrived at the top of Mt. Erie we had the most beautiful view of Mt. Baker and Burrows Bay, out towards Deception Pass, and Simik Bay. The road itself wasn’t too bad on the way to the top of Mr. Erie but some tight corners and cages that wouldn’t give an inch made a few turns long and slow.

It was 60 steps down to the viewing platform from the parking lot for a picture perfect shot of Mt. Baker; perfect except for the lone tree, which we all agreed needed to be topped off or taken down. 60 steps back up and we found the “level” picture perfect viewing platform. Oh well, I can at least say I had my exercise for the day.

Dave M. has a new nickname, double “DD”, but you will have to ask him what the ”DD” stands for.

We took the back roads and slowly wound our way into La Conner for lunch. We managed to find parking the first time through town--and all four bikes/trike together. Now where to eat? Because of the unseasonably good weather, there were more tourists in town probably drawn to the area because the daffodils and tulips will likely be all gone before the tulip festival ever starts; so everyone is coming up to view them now. We all have our favorites and sometimes it’s hard to go someplace new to eat. Not everyone welcomes bikers and not every restaurant has good food at reasonable prices, especially La Conner.

We decided to take a chance on the Waterfront Café. Dave M. helped the waitress arrange the tables on the patio so we could sit outside in the sunshine (cool but not windy and with jackets on it was delightful). Drinks ordered, food ordered, now it was time to sit back, relax and visit with friends. And we waited and chatted. And waited. They were short handed and not prepared for a busy weekend and we were patient. Larry’s hamburger and my BLT arrived (wrong BLT, but she insisted it was the right order). You sort of feel guilty eating when no one else has their food. We joked and laughed as I gave Dave M. my tomatoes (he loves tomatoes) then I passed a French fry down to Dave L. Did I mention I think I need to change my husband Larry’s name to Dave? About 10 minutes later two more lunches arrived then a lull. Then a side salad and I realized Larry didn’t have his soup. Three more meals and then there was just Lorie waiting quietly for her lunch although hubby Dave was still waiting for his salad, mayo and salad dressing. We were almost through eating when the waitress told Lorie that they were out of what she ordered. Being short handed is no excuse for not serving all the meals at close to the same time and knowing what you are out of when you are taking orders. So we will cross off the Waterfront Café in LaConner on future trips and it will definitely will not get a biker friendly rating from this group.

We rode back through Bay View and Edison where Dave and Jan headed home and left the group. The rest of us went north up Chuckanut Drive, enjoying the twists and turns on a late winter afternoon day. In Bellingham Dave and Dawn headed for home, Larry and I went out Marine Drive and the back way to Ferndale, while Dave and Lorie headed to Mt. Baker Harley.

Rain was forecast for Sunday so we picked the right day to ride and Sunday was a warm fireplace kind of day with lots of hot coffee.

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