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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moose Lodge Charity Poker Run

It was Sunday morning and while there was no chapter ride planned, Dave L. is a member of the Moose Lodge and they were hosting a poker run. Six bikes and nine HOG members showed up to represent Mt. Baker Harley Owners Group: Dave and Dawn, Dave M., Dave L., Mike G., Kathy and John, and Larry and myself.

We arrived for registration and breakfast at the Moose Lodge and then one large group of about 45 bikes and our smaller group of 4 bikes and 2 trikes rode out about 10:00 AM. First stop was the Nooksack Casino and I drew a queen of hearts. Next up was the Skagit Casino and I drew an ace of spades. I knew my luck would not hold but it was fun to have two good cards to start. The large group stayed at the casino to try their luck and our HOG group headed on to the Moose Lodge in Mt. Vernon. We drew our cards…I added a king of spades to my hand and we ordered our food. Just as we were being served, the large group arrived and we were glad we were ahead of them. Dave M. headed for home after lunch hoping he would arrive home in time to mow the lawn and catch another pesky mole that is messing up his manicured lawn. Both groups departed for the Corner Tavern where I drew a 5 of diamonds--and I was out of the running for even the worst hand.

We decided the route to take north by comparing the light grey clouds over Chuckanut Drive to the dark grey clouds over the freeway. There was a chance we could make it back without raingear, but it’s a good thing we didn’t bet on it. First it sprinkled and then a constant steady drizzle stayed with us all the way to Bellingham.

Since neither one of us had a winning hand, Larry and I blew off the last poker run stop and headed back to get the truck which I had driven into town. Dave and Dawn left to visit with Dave’s mom and John and Kathy were riding with the large pack now; that left Dave L. and Mike G. to go for a winning hand. In the end, none of our group won anything at cards (but Dave L. did pull in a couple of prizes from his snakes of raffle tickets), however, the fun is in riding and helping out a good cause.

The best part of the whole day was returning home and Kelly bringing baby Kyler out to the garage to see grandpa Larry on his trike. Kyler smiled and we put him on the Tri Glide to get his first Harley picture taken.

I stayed home with the baby while Larry took Kelly and Kyler to the Moose Lodge for the barbeque rib dinner put on by the Moose Lodge. Several of the raffle prizes were donated by Mt. Baker Harley-Davidson. It was a good day to ride with friends and a good day to be with family.

Photos by Dave Lahr

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