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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trike Owners Karen and Mike

I received a copy of your blog from our Chapter Dealership (Columbia HD). What a fun and exciting blog you do have. Our names are Karen & Mike. We have been HOG members for a little over two years and enjoy the synergies of biking and more. Sounds like you folks have a fun group to ride. Hopefully our paths will cross again. Our day took us to South Bend for oysters. We consumed many of these delicious morsels at Chester's Bar & Grill. With the scorching temperatures of 100+ we decided to head west to Long Beach. There the temperatures dropped nearly 35 degrees within a 3 mile variance. It was fun but too extreme going form hot to cold. Thanks for sharing.

Signed, Mike

(Thank you Jason Rodgers, dealer/owner Columbia Motorcycle HD Vancouver WA, for helping us contact Karen and Mike.)

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