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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mt. Baker HOG 20th annual Toy Run

October 9th, 2010

Mt. Baker Harley Owners Group 20th annual Toy Run to Blaine

The forecast was rain for the weekend. The reason we moved the toy run from Oct. to Sept. was to avoid rain; but due to unexpected changes this year we needed to move it back to Oct. Saturday morning was grey and overcast. Larry put on his raingear and prepared to head to the shop on the trike. I was driving the toy sleigh for the 11th year, so I would be dry and toasty warm.

We arrived at the shop to find Dave and Dawn to greet us and dressed for the weather and ready to ride. Slowly, a few people inside the shop appeared on the sidewalk and also said were going on the toy run. One or two at a time the riders pulled in on their bikes with saddle bags filled with toys.

At 10:45 AM we pulled out of Mt. Baker Harley-Davidson with 12 bikes, 1 bike with a sidecar, 2 trikes, a cage, and Santa’s sleigh. Jan was filming the procession as we headed south on State Street and it was fun to watch the video on Facebook later that afternoon.

Larry Marrs was the road captain and Dave Johnson was the sweep as we rode south on State Street, turned on Holly St. out to Marine Drive, past the Lummi Island ferry to Haxton Rd., then Red River Road, and a series of left right left turns meandering through the county. The sun was peeking out, the wind had died down, and it looked like the rain might hold off. An eagle flew about 12 feet high over the roadway and approximately 20 yards out in front of Larry as the group headed out Haxton. Dawn pointed out an eagle perched in a tree on the water side of the road and that was about it for wildlife sightings.

We arrived in Blaine to find there was a farmers’ market downtown so the bikes drew a lot of attention from the shoppers including Ron Snyder a former HOG member who waved to the group from his booth. We arrived just after 12:00 PM to find Santa (Martin Conyac) had arrived ahead of us and was waiting in the parking lot at Stafholt Retirement Center along with our photographer Dave L.

We unloaded the toys and Mike G. presented Stafholt, on behalf of the Blaine Giving Tree, a check from Mt. Baker HOG to purchase additional toys for the Giving Tree Program. Dennis, one of our newest members rode his bike into the building so the residents and staff could not only see a HD bike close up, they could hear and feel the potato, potato, potato vibration. A few of the residents had their pictures taken with the bike and we were treated to hot coffee and cookies. Santa greeted the residents and it was a good day for everyone. We waved good-bye to Stafholt and most of the group headed off to Big Al’s for lunch which was just down the street.

We were just a little fashionably for late for lunch because we took a more scenic route to Blaine, enjoying the weather. The waitress got us all seated, drinks served and meals ordered. Now we could just sit back and catch up with friends and listen to the adventures we each had been on since our last ride together--Lots of laughter between friends, photographs, and memories.

Thanks to those participating in the toy run: Dave and Dawn, Dave and Brenda, Dana and Mike, Joan and Rick, Monty and Nicole, Mike and Jeannie, Bill and Marla, Dave M., Shelia, Mike L., Luann, Larry B., Dennis, JD, Ron and Lorri, Martin, Larry and Billie. Thanks also to those who could not ride but dropped off a toy ahead of time. Helping our fellow Whatcom community members in need is what Mt. Baker HOG has been about since it was first founded in 1991 and we continue support various local charities and events making a difference in people’s lives.

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