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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coldgear for winter riding

Baby its cold outside…well not as cold as my family and friends are experiencing east of the Rockies, but when the weather dips to 32 degrees before the wind chill factor is figured in, it’s cold. It has also been too wet to ride on the weekends but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your riding gear ready so you are ready to ride when the rain stops and the weather warms up just a bit.

A friend told me about Under Armour gear several years ago and I bought a ColdGear mock turtleneck and a coldgear ¼ zip pullover that, combined with several other layers, these worked pretty well to keep me warm. Last year I bought a heated gear liner for my leather coat and that made a huge difference in my riding comfort. Riding behind Larry on the trike I was snug and comfortable…well almost. Some of those early morning starts when the sun was up but you still couldn’t feel the warmth, or those late afternoon return trips when the sun was quickly dropping into the western sky, the chill would seep through my leather chaps and I would tell Larry to take the fastest way back home to a warm fire and hot coffee.

After a little research I bought a pair of Under Armour ColdGear compression frosty tights. They make these for both men and women. The tights/leggings are built with ergonomic flatlock seams to bolster muscle support and eliminate abrasion. They lock in body heat and are meant for temperatures less than 55 degrees and they fit snuggly to the body. Layered under my jeans and my heavy leather chaps I should be ready to ride in comfort should the day ever come that the rain lets up on the weekends.

You can find Under Armour at most major sporting goods stores, online at Under Armour: or the best price I found was at The Duty Gear Store online that supplies police and military:

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