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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunshine...where have you been?

It has been a wet winter and that would be okay if it rained Monday through Friday, but every weekend?  Now don’t get me wrong, I love to sit by a warm fire with a cup of coffee and relax, but sunshine on the bike, sitting behind my husband on the trike and riding with friends is just a beautiful day.Finally on Saturday the sun came out to play.  On the news Saturday night, the weatherman was saying it had been forty-two days in Seattle without sun.  Way too long.  Sunshine does not mean warm weather in Washington State.  Looks can be, and are, deceiving.  Everyone we knew had chores to do or other obligations, so Larry and I bundled up with layers and heated gear and headed out on the trike for an afternoon ride by ourselves.  Our daughter and grandson watched as we backed out of the driveway and I am not sure what the little guys thinks of his grandparents dressed all in black and riding on a big loud noisy trike. Hopefully by the end of summer, when the weather warms up and he has heard the sound of the HD pipes multiple times, he will be ready to take a ride down the end of the driveway and back.  A HD rider in the making.

We rode out Mountain View to Olson Road and then took Grandview to Birch Bay Drive, through the park and Birch Bay.  Larry rode on Friday by himself and said the park was swamped with people digging for clams, but today there was only a  handful of people on the beach with shovels and buckets and Birch Bay looked like a late Sunday afternoon in the fall when everyone goes home and the shops all close up and the resort community becomes a bedroom community again for the locals.
We rode around the shoreline enjoying the quiet time on our way past Semihamoo to Blaine.  We then
took the H Road to Lynden.  To anyone on a motorcycle on two wheels, be careful because just before you head up the hill out of Blaine on the H road, the city is doing road construction and the road
is pretty nasty right now.

We passed maybe only a handful of cars going west and nomotorcycles.  We saw deer but that was it
for wildlife sightings.  We stopped at Jake’s Western Grill in Lynden for a great lunch and then took Birch Bay Road to the Enterprise Road and Portal Way, slowly winding our way home.
It was a good day for a ride and I can’t wait for the next sunny day...but I hope it is not forty-two days away.

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