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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Milwaukee Bike Sox - DeFeet Technology

In searching for new biker gear I came across the Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company known as MMCC Leather when I was researching socks. You can go to any major department store, discount store, motorcycle shop, or H-D dealer and find socks. What I wanted was socks with new technology for all road and weather conditions.
According to the MMCC Leather website, the socks are designed for the ultimate performance inside leather motorcycle boots and shoes. The technology for these socks comes from DeFeet an American Company specializing in sports. These socks re engineered for motorcycles to keep feet cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather, eliminating the need for packing multiple styles of socks for different weather conditions on long rides.

The socks are ribbed at the top and made to stay where you put them and feature Aireator to transport moisture and vent better. They have extra cushion without bulk inside the shoe for comfort. They come in white if you want them, or biker black which is what we choose.

So I placed an order and they arrived about 7 days later and included in the box was a packing list with a handwritten note thanking us for our order and signed by a real person, not a computer generated signature. Nice touch.

Due to a boat fishing accident which left Larry with a dislocated ankle and a broken leg, we won’t be testing out these socks until next spring. Plenty of time to plan an adventure

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