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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to put a protective cover on a trike

Our friends Jerry and Susan recently sold their Harley trike and offered us their protective cover to use or if we knew someone who could use it.  The package arrived today, two days from Texas and it took 30 days last year to get a priority package from WA to CA…go figure.   Larry sent an email to let Jerry know the package arrived and Jerry fired back a quick set of instructions for their way of getting the cover on the trike: 

By the way, the cover is a snap for 2 people to put on the bike. One stands at each end of the bike, holding an end of the cover, with arms crossed, and the open bottom of the cover facing upward. In unison, you lift the cover rapidly into the air (this fills it with air), then invert it (this is the reason you have your arms crossed to begin with), and bring it down over the bike, like a parachute. Make sure that you spread your arms wide enough, and you can take the cover all the way to the ground in one step. If there is a breeze, make sure that you turn the cover into the breeze, not with the breeze. We have never seen anyone else do it like this, but it works great. We have been doing it for years.
I can't help you with the removal/packing process.

Can’t wait to try this out and hope no one has a video camera to post the results on facebook.

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