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Monday, July 1, 2013

Friends, Harleys, and Sun...what more could you want on a Sunday afternoon

2013 has been a cold wet year in western Washington.  In April, Larry and I took the trike out for a Saturday afternoon ride.  Yes it was cold and we had all our layers on, plus the heated gear, but there was no rain. 

Then family took a priority.  I left for Las Vegas for ten days leaving Larry home with the dog and the cat. We drove to Bakersfield California, stopping for the night and then onto the bay area.  After nine days visiting with family we left for Sacramento for an overnight trip and then headed north, stopping in Grants Pass Oregon and Vancouver Washington before arriving home.

 It seemed like spring had arrived in WA while I was gone and Larry and our friends had met for breakfast and an afternoon of riding.  I was homesick and missing my friends and riding with the group.

Well, spring didn't last long because when I arrived home the rain came back.  I began to think there would not be another trip out on the bike until we took our vacation later in the summer.  Luckily the sun came out and Dawn took advantage of this and sent an email asking if anyone wanted to go for a ride. 

Sunday morning five of the seven couple we usually ride with assembled at one of our favorite Starbuck’s for coffee and stories before we headed out.  Dave and Dawn were in the lead with Dave and Lorie as sweeps.  In between were Bill, Marla, Marina, Rick, Larry, and I.  Six bikes and ten friends out enjoying a ride, a car show, lunch, and finishing the day off with a short ride before each of the bikes trailed off and headed to their own home destination.

We rode out on Marine drive, the west side of Ferndale, winding our way towards Birch Bay.  We stopped at the outlet mall where we all quickly peeled off our leathers and wandered up and down checking out the wide variety of cars and trucks on display. 

I think my favorites were the 1931 turquoise Apache truck and the 1947 yellow Ford convertible.  I love the detailed grills on the old vehicles and was surprised by a 1937 Diamond T truck painted in a matt black including the grill. 

We stopped for lunch at Bob’s Burgers and Brew, enjoying iced teas, sodas, and lots of ice water.  We opted to stay inside to eat lunch enjoying the air conditioning as the temperatures were rising outside, and expected to rise to eighty-five.

Dave and Dawn led us back down to Birch Bay and through the Park driving past the shoreline where families and dogs were splashing in the water to keep cool, people walking up and down the street to one of the many restaurants that appeared full, or to the ice cream shop.  We turned east and within half an hour we were skirting Lynden and heading south.  Now we were about in the middle of the county surrounded by farmlands and looking to the East was Mount Baker.  In Whatcom County you could be hiking on Mount Baker in the snow that morning and an hour and a half later be swimming in the pacific ocean.

It was a great idea, Dawn, to get out of the house and ride-- Thank you.  Thanks to all our friends who make riding such an enjoyable way to spend time with friends and relax.

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