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Friday, February 5, 2010

Jake's Western Grill, Lynden, WA

We took a putt around the county the other day and stopped for a late lunch at Jake’s. What an amazing place—a very unique (for Whatcom County) place serving various items representing Southern Cooking. Their pulled pork is even better than mine and their ribs are equally fine. They have a smoked Southern style andouille sausage that reminded me of Tex-Mex and Louisiana cooking. And, yes, they have a menu listing—Three Little Piggies, one of the Smokin BBQ Combos--that has all three of these items on one plate.

Billie had the Fried Green Tomato Burger—just try and find that on any other menu in the area—that was great, too.

So we heartily recommend Jake’s as an eatery that will fill you up with very tasty southern/western…or wherever…ribs, brisket, burgers, pulled pork, tater skins, chicken fritters, etc.

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