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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ride and Have Fun...Yes We Do!

Wishing for a perfect day

It might never come

The morning air is cool

So grab the heated gear

What could be better

Than riding on the Harley

Watching tractors plowing fields

New born calves and foals

Tulips and daffodils

Rivers running full

And spring green everywhere

Wishing for the perfect day

Today is pretty close

Sunday we met up with a group of friends in Alger to ride and have fun…which we do really well. Dave & Jan, Rob & Kaye, Dave & Dawn, Larry & me. Some of the others had previous commitments or couldn’t get away until later in the day. We gassed up at the Shell station in Alger and while we were waiting, Martha & Glenn rode by, but we were parked out of their line of vision so we couldn’t wave them down.

Gassed up and ready to ride, we headed off to Concrete to Eagles in Flight owned by Rob Tygret. The sun was out but still a little cool so I kept my heated liner and gloves plugged in. There wasn’t much traffic going east on a Sunday morning which made for a nice ride.

We pulled in to find a much different Eagles in Flight than when we visited several weeks ago. Everything has been cleaned and polished, several custom bikes on the floor for sale, and t-shirts hanging from the racks. Next week the ice cream case will be stocked and the coffee machine installed. Just in time since the pass to Winthrop has opened and I am sure there will be lots of bikers stopping to and from.

We headed south to Darrington for lunch at the Glacier Peak CafĂ©. Darrington has a population of about 1,500 and located at the western base of the Cascade Mountains and is a favorite destination for a lunch ride. We helped rearrange the tables as the staff was a little short handed and then settled back to wait for the food and catch up on what everyone had been doing during the past few weeks. (The onset of rain during the last several weekends cut into our riding time.) Dave J. tried to order pie for dessert but it seems they had a run on pie the night before and didn’t have any pie in the restaurant.

We hit the road headed to Arlington, highway 9, where Kaye and Rob turned off headed to the freeway while the rest of us continued on to Big Lake and stopped at the little store at the roundabout. Cold drinks and a little chocolate for dessert and we were on our way home. Dave & Dawn, Dave & Jan peeled off in Sedro Woolley while Larry and I continued on towards home on highway 9. It was a great day spent riding with friends and I can’t wait to go again.

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