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Friday, April 9, 2010

Winter Riding:

Our HOG chapter--Mt Baker HOG, sponsored by Mt Baker Harley-Davidson in Bellingham, WA--conducted a Winter Mileage Challenge from Dec. 5th to Mar. 27th. The idea was to encourage chapter members to get out and ride as much as possible during months when we have what is usually less than pleasant weather. An entry fee of $10 is split between our chapter scholarship fund and the rider who logged the most miles during the challenge period. For the past three years, Mark Williams has won with his ever amazing persistance at getting out, even in sloppy weather. This year I entered our Tri Glide and logged 1587 winter miles, due in large part to the very mild winter we have had, and to my new heated riding gear. My mileage placed me right in the middle of the pack (seventh) which ranged from 0 miles to Mark's 4,352 miles. Our friend and fellow HOG member, Harmon Woodworth, joined the competiton late with his new Tri Glide and still logged 965 miles placing him nineth overall.

Now, of course our weather is looking more like winter than spring but we still try to putt around the area in between storms.

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